"It was like working with a friend"

I create my best work when there is a foundation of connection and trust between me and my subjects. I don’t want to be the photographer for everyone, I want to be the photographer for YOU, specifically.

When we work together, I tend to take a laid-back, fly-on-the-wall approach. At the beginning, there will be nerves, sure, everyone feels that way when they first get in front of a camera. But as our time together continues, my wish is that you can settle in and truly connect with your partner. I’m here to guide you through our time together by giving suggestions and prompts so you never feel uncomfortable or unsure of what to do. But what I remind all my clients of is that creating photographs is a collaborative experience.

If you can bring trust, vulnerability, and an open-mind to our session, I'll take care of the rest. The more present you are, the busier you’ll be living the experience instead of being focused on there being a camera around you. I want all my subjects to ENJOY their photo-taking experience and to have FUN! As your photographer, I'll keep things light while also holding space for you to be your authentic self.

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Q- How long have you been a photographer for?

A- About 5 years now! I started midway through college and then fell in love with it so decided to study it at school! I've been a full time photographer for 2 years.

A- I'll remove any temporary blemishes (zit, bruises, etc) but I will not alter how you look. If you're self conscious about something specific, let me know ahead of time and I'll be weary of it while I photograph you!

Q- Do you photoshop your subject?

A- A session will typically take 2-3 weeks to get delivered and a wedding will take 5-6 weeks. I'll send you some sneak peaks within a couple of days to get you excited!!

Q- How long does it take to get our images back?

A- Oh heckkkk yeah. Traveling to new places is when I feel the most inspired! You can add travel onto any of my packages, I'll meet you wherever you want me.

Q- Will you travel?

Q- How many images can we expect to receive?

A- Each session/wedding is different, but you can expect a minimum of 65 images per hour.

Q- What's your photography style?

A- I studied Photojournalism in college which really helped shape how and why I shoot. I've learned the importance and the art of visual storytelling over the years and I love taking a documentary approach to photography. I make sure that you can truly see yourselves in your images and that your story is told as honestly as possible. Every story has it's messy, untraditional, beautiful, wild, and fleeting moments that I intend to capture.

Q- We're awkward in front of the camera, what do we do?!

A- First of all, you are not alone. Sooo many of my subjects tell me this, trust me, I feel weird in front of the camera too!! But here's the thing, you don't need to know what to do, that's what I'm here for. I intend to create a comfortable, laid back, and fun environment for my subjects so that they forget they have a camera in their faces and instead can focus on the overall experience! But you have to meet me half-way. I always recommend making a day out of a session. Go have a fun day before the session and show up wearing what you feel the most confident in. That way, you're setting yourself up to be as open and excited as possible! The energy you bring to a session matters. Bring alll the positivity and let me do the rest!