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You can call me soph!

Hey, there! My name is Sophie, but feel free to call me "Soph". I grew up in Michigan my whole life but decided to see what the west had to offer and moved to Colorado in 2022! I document weddings, elopements and lifestyle imagery for those who love deeply and appreciate the little things in life. I’m a sentimental, reminisce-on-a -moment-that-happened-years-ago kind of person. I have always found great happiness in getting to know people, and, I mean, REALLY know them: what makes them who they are, whom they love, and how they express that love. Human connection has always inspired me, and I love any and all types of storytelling.

I've always valued connection, curiosity, intentionality, inclusivity, vulnerability and laughter. Oh, and if you're as sarcastic as I am, we'll get along great! Let’s laugh until we snort, discuss our favorite music, and ponder life’s greatest questions together.

My life in photos

Certified goofball

My life peaked the summer I studied photojournalism abroad

A family gal!! My favorite people

Love me a national park adventure

Always looking for the best place to watch a sunset

Dedicated dog aunt

An avid concert-goer. Look at Mumf & Sons performing 2 feet in front of me!!

My "why"

I started photography as a creative outlet for myself and it soon blossomed into my hobby and when I was wanting to learn more, I decided to study it in college. I’m a photographer because I want to connect with people and I’m curious about all the messy, imperfect, and little things that make us human. Photography allows me to visually record both the small and the big moments that make up our lives. I believe everyone has a unique story worthy of documentation.

“There are not enough good things that I could say about working with Sophie, but I’ll give it my best shot. Working with her is like working with a friend, and from that first facetime call (where we talked more Pride and Prejudice and hiking than business), I knew that I had gotten so lucky to find her business! Each session was so comfortable and as two people who do not get photographed a ton, her instruction was much needed! Each and every picture we received were not only delivered in a timely manner, but were edited and captured with perfection. Will always and forever more recommended Sophie as a photographer!”

- hannah

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A photojournalist of weddings & elopements for the nostalgic and deeply in love.