Couple holds hands during their Lookout Mountain couples session

Lookout Mountain couples Session | hannah + Justin

This past July, I had the great honor of meeting up with Hannah and Justin at Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado. I had a blast getting to take their photos! They were so open minded and down to try any pose and to get goofy in front of the camera. They made my job so easy and it was so clear how they felt about each other. Lookout Mountain has stunning views of the mountains (duh lol) as well as grassy fields, it’s a perfect mix! It’s always nice to choose an engagement session location that has a mix of different landscapes as it adds more dimension to the photos and final gallery. I always help my couples pick a location so if you’re not sure where you’d like to go, no worries!

Shooting at epic locations is always great for inspiration, but it's the people in the images that inspire my work. It's how they look at each other, the little touches and smiles they share between each other that informs the way I photograph them. My creative process when photographing different subjects starts way before I actually pull out my camera. It begins with getting to know my subjects and learning how to best serve them so that their photos accurately reflect them. I then take time to get inspired by studying other photographs or artistic mediums, locations, and who my subjects are as humans. When I have a good idea of who my subjects are, it makes it easier on not only me, but my subjects to be comfortable so that they can show up to their session as is. This is one of my favorite parts of what I do and something I never want to skip over!

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